In the field of industrial automation, there comes the need more and more often to develop a tailor-made solution. It might not means to create a brand new design, but more likely to focus on the specific customer needs of tasks and create a unique way to solve problems.

Our youthful, modern thinking team offers the today manufacturers solutions of the future.
What we offer:
  • PLC programming

Basic and more complex logics are handled by PLC systems. Based on systems of Mitsubishi and Siemens we are able to meet all the requirements of a PLC task.

  • Programming on well-known platforms

One of our strong skills is to create different business logics in different environments, like Python or C++. This skill also helps us to understand more complex programming tasks. We do not fear to create programs on server side, create communication between machines on low level programing languages or to set up an industrial PC.

  • User Interface programming

Not only PLC’s HMI is available to interact with humans, we can create several astonishing software design using HTML5, Javascript or CSS. These are essential to visualize the right data, in the right order and moment to achieve the right output.

  • Robot programming

UniversalRobots and Mitshubishi robots are well known by our engineers. With these robots, we can solve every task from easy pick and place up to the most complex tasks or high safety required solutions.

  • Sensorics and implementation

Sensonrs are essential parts of controlled systems. Nowadays, more and more programmable sensors are born that are well known by our modern team because of our targeted learning and testing process.

  • Electronics

Sometimes the optimal solution comes with a tailor-made printed circuit board.

  • Mechanics

Every problem solving start with design phase, especially in the field of mechanical design. We always use CAD design in our project.

  • RFID systems

In the field of the non-contact track and trace solution we provide a wide range of questions to determine the environment and the usage of such a system. To maintain a robust workflow we use industrial RFID readers of SICK.

Industry 4.0
All our skills and products are made to be ready for the challenges and requirements of Industry 4.0, to be able to provide the highest